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Join Nancy and Nikki each week for short, sweet and ACTIONABLE tips to build and scale your business to the next level.
What Is SheShorts??
Business doesn't have to be boring -- or 'splained by old Men and techy types. Nancy and Nikki are transforming the business talk show. Their 7-minute format is entertaining, engaging, and insightful. We'll be covering trends and practical advice from the leaders in some of the hottest industries today -- worldwide. And's only 7 minutes! Longer than TikTok but WAY shorter than a lot of the stuff out there. Because time IS money!

Second to none guests

Our guests are masters in their fields, and share their most coveted and recommended business strategy to you during their interview. 


Something that makes us the entertainment factor. You won't see another business show like it. Business doesn't have to be boring, after all.

Actionable Strategies

These strategies are dissected by Nikki and Nancy and made relevant to you, your situation, and how you can begin implementing them immediately. No more guessing games. 

Money making tips

The best part is...the information you'll leave with each week is up to date, scalable, and capable of showing results in YOUR business..if you put in the work.

What Are The Shows Actually Like??

  • Brief, ACTIONABLE, and to the point
  • Light, fun, and more boring business shows

Who Are Nikki & Nancy?

Nikki Cohn-Byrd

Nikki Cohn-Byrd, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Welliance America marketing agency, has honed her superpowers through years of self-education, failures and reinventions.

An MBA recipient, she's spent years in the corporate ladder, which was just the push she needed to carve her own path.

Having held any possible position you can think of in the health and wellness industry, she now is dedicating her time to helping integrative and functional medicine providers spread their message to a wider audience through marketing strategy, consulting, and unconventional means of building a practice.

The years of cutting teeth in the entrepreneurial landscape has allowed her to see the real nitty gritty of building business, and allows her to help other women learn no BS ways to build a business and brand with real life experience, strategies, and a focus on resiliency..mind, body AND business.

Nancy Shenker

Nancy A. Shenker, founder and CEO of theONswitch, has developed and honed her superpowers as a marketing leader through decades of experience and innovation.

Nancy has held senior marketing positions at major brand companies – Citibank, MasterCard International, and Reed Exhibitions (current producers of ComicCon). In both her corporate career and at theONswitch®, she has helped businesses, both small and large, launch, re-brand, and flourish.

Her experience and expertise spans a wide range of industries, including retail, food, fashion, kids and education, health and wellness, packaged goods, real estate and shelter, marketing services, technology, service businesses, and the event industry.

Nancy writes for a wide range of business and consumer media, including Thrive Global and Fast Casual. She has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, CNN,, Real Simple, and many other media.

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